Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Gray

Boy am I a good liar, or what! This guy, who I call "The Gray", was just finished last week. He was made for a showing in California, hopefully he get's accepted, and stands approx. 20" high by 22" long. He's made out, for the most part, wire and Batik textiles fabric, which is what I use in my quilt designs also. I will post the new spring quilts as soon as the incredible Miss Carol Rockwell does the quilting on them, then I'll post the painting that will be done soon after. Sorry for being such a liar :)

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*daisy said...

this piece was gorgeous! one of my favorites in the spirit of the horse show : D ( i had two pieces in it as well)... I loved the texture of the fabric and the heavy-set blockiness of the body