Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Lonely Boy"

Whenever I would drive into town last fall, there would always be one single horse standing with his hind end cuddled against this old barn. He was alone in a huge pasture just hanging his head and sharing heat from the old barn. This day I stopped to take his photo and he was so happy, he perked up and ran over to me and broke my heart as the only place to park was on the highway where I was not supposed to be. He was gone a few months later so I tell myself that he went to live with a herd that loved him.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Gray

Boy am I a good liar, or what! This guy, who I call "The Gray", was just finished last week. He was made for a showing in California, hopefully he get's accepted, and stands approx. 20" high by 22" long. He's made out, for the most part, wire and Batik textiles fabric, which is what I use in my quilt designs also. I will post the new spring quilts as soon as the incredible Miss Carol Rockwell does the quilting on them, then I'll post the painting that will be done soon after. Sorry for being such a liar :)