Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is a tiny acrylic that I did this morning for the art walk in Bigfork this weekend. It is going to Frame of Reference, hopefully it gets a home soon and only has to be stabled temporarily. It is a 3 1/2 x 4" titled, "Peace"
This guy sold his second day in the gallery with a wonderful Christmas story behind it, but I can't tell in case someone peeks early. SOLD


Traci Suzanne Marvel said...

Oh Toni this is just lovely.
Just in time for the "Muletide"
I think "Muletide" is a winter soulstice of some sort. Not to be confused with "Yiletide" which is a winter solstice.

Wow... I wonder who the lucky one will be?

Sylvia said...

Oh, he is just adorable! And so tiny! When my granddaughter was little her imaginary friend was a donkey. When ever anyone came over she would say, "Wana go see my donkey?" and people were always so shocked that nothing would be there and she would be talking to him. Now she has her own mule and horse. Real ones:)